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Paper Edgeboards

Frames for Protection of Edges

Edgeboards protect and support products during material handling and are available in standard size pallets or can be custom made.

Protection Frames

Protection Frame is available in standard size pallets or can be custom-made as per clients' requirements.

Side Protection Frames

Edgeboards is supplied in specified lengths or longer that allows customers to cut by themselves.

End Protectors

Protect the product against strapping damage.

End Protection Frames

The edgeboards bunches goods together and prevents strapping damage.

Vertical Protection Frames

The edgeboards prevents shifting of the palletized goods and provides protection during all operations.

Stacking Strength Edgeboards

The stacking strength of boxes can be improved by reinforcing boxes internally with edgeboards.

Self Adhesive Edgeboards

The use of self adhesive edgeboards improves the handling process before final strapping.

Wrap Around Edgeboards

The flexible wrap around edgeboard is easy to use for inside or outside protection.

Paper Edge Protector

Our high quality paper edge protector is used for the packaging of different types of materials in various industries.

Edge Protector

We also manufacture and supply paper edge protectors in bulk as per customers' requirement.

Recyclable Packaging Material

Our 100% recyclable paper packaging products can be manufactured as per customers? specifications and needs.

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